Volokonovskiy Milk Canning Plant is well-known Industrial Complex in Belgorod region of Russia, which is proud of high-quality Condensed Milk manufacturing. The Condensed Milk (the main product of the Plant today) is presented by three basic names to meet the requirements of the most discerning customers. The products are offered in various packing kinds for retailing and B2B dealing. The Plant experts are open for any individual works and Private Brand Projects development.

- Condensed Milk is the honor of our Plant! It's no coincidence we have a promotion slogan for this mark — «The Taste of Childhood». This Condensed Milk, made on classic technology, is so delicious which extraordinary taste makes you remember those light-hearted times when you were so happy!
- Condensed Milk — the product line made in the traditional way for those who love the stability in everything, who do not depend on trend craze or demand changing, who will always say — the real condensed milk is a blue-white label with rhombs, without any surfeit! Classics for all times!
- Condensed Milk is an excellent quality and eye-catching label. This is a product for a modern family which loves the harmony in everything — sweetheart family, beloved house, favorite work, favorite foods!
- PET bottle is an innovation in the condensed milk packing market! All areas of Russia and SIC countries show a tremendous interest for this product. The sales are growing up and squeezing out the traditional packing types. The promotion slogan is Comfort, Benefit, Economies! Please enjoy!

- Commercialization of the Condensed Milk in industrial packing, as a separate course of manufacturing and selling. The buyer is a food manufacturer using the Condensed Milk as ingredient in his product. The product parameters and its laboratory indicators are very important here. That’s the field for technologists! The buyer’s technologists are welcome to specify their detailed requirements for the Product to agree with the Plant’s experts.