Volokonovskiy Milk Canning Plant is well-known Industrial Complex in Belgorod region of Russia, which is proud of high-quality Condensed Milk manufacturing. The Condensed Milk (the main product of the Plant today) is presented by three basic names to meet the requirements of the most discerning customers. The products are offered in various packing kinds for retailing and B2B dealing. The Plant experts are open for any individual works and Private Brand Projects development.

The Belgorod region is a good judge of dairy products. The region has been always the leader of dairy products manufacturing in the former Soviet Union and in Russia today. This relates to the Condensed Milk, our best-selling dessert, favorite both for children and adults. There are 3 (three) well-known factories in Belgorod region, but only the Volokónovskiy Milk Canning Plant has taken the special place in this rank. Why? From the very first days of the Plant start, the Condensed Milk appeared here as outstanding, thick and nourishing product, with splendid aroma of fresh milk and delicate flavor. You can ask any Belgorod area habitant about this Condensed Milk and he will say the best milk is only ours - Volokónovskoye Milk! The Plant has always manufactured the best products making them very popular all over Russia, and the production volume was very large. The products of the Plant were highly rated and obviously ordered for leaders of the Country. The Plant was really proud of its products.

The Plant knew the times of glory and prosperity. But the Plant met hard times of neglect, downtime and empty pocket. There was no money to pay for raw materials and the manufacturing was made occasionally. So then other leaders appeared in the market, but we could hear often and everywhere in shops and markets: «When will our Volokónovskoye Milk be coming back»?

We have done it now - the Volokónovskoye Condensed Milk has come back to the market! The Plant is working on, growing up and upgrading. The Plant is being leaded now by new team of high-skill professionals and perfectly experienced managers of the condensed milk industry. The workers of the well-known Plant are breathing freely now, they are doing the real work applying their experience and knowledge. They are confident in their future.

Still long distance to the glory so far. We are in the road to revive the Plant and to adjust a fail-safe manufacturing of the people favorite products. No need to explain anything to anybody about these products - Volokónovskoye Condensed Milk is in mind, well-known, beloved and very expectable!